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My Husband has Erectile Dysfunction What Should I Do

My Husband has Erectile Dysfunction What Should I Do

If you ask a couple what is one issue that haunts their relationship the most? If financially everything is good and life is going well, then also if the relationship is stressful then the problem is something intimate.

And most likely the answer is going to Erectile Dysfunction or known as ED in the short term.

For people who are unaware Erectile Dysfunction is a medical disorder in men where they cannot gain desired penile erection that is necessary for a better sexual experience.

One may think that ED is just a men’s disorder hence, it will only affect men. But indirectly it results in women too compromising on their sexual desires and fantasies.

This is because if the man is unable to get an erect penis, then how will women enjoy sex. Hence, the disorder may occur in men but its effect is felt by women also.

Hence, solutions must be found by both of them. Many times, men do not tell their wives about it due to awkwardness or thinking that their wife will think that he is less masculine.

Hence, being wife and life partner, you must sense his problem and try to communicate with him. This article is for such wives who have the same question i.e. My husband has erectile dysfunction what should I do.

First, know the basics of Erectile Dysfunction

First, know the basics of Erectile Dysfunction

Before you come to the conclusion that your husband is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or ED you must first know the symptoms and causes of ED.

Everyone knows that during Erectile Dysfunction, a man gets less erection. The main reason for the penis becoming erect is blood flow into its blood vessels.

When a man is exposed to sexual stimulations the brain orders a heavy influx of blood in the penis for an erection.

During Erectile Dysfunction due to reasons such as smoking, drinking alcohol, use of recreational drugs, high blood pressure, mental health, injuries, and many more proper amounts of blood does not enter the penis.

Thus, the blood vessels cannot expand much and the man encounters reduced erection which we call Erectile Dysfunction. But not getting a good erection for a day or two is not ED, it is quite normal.

For example, if you are very busy at work or stressed too much you may end up fast in bed. This is not ED but just a day when your mind is not totally into sex.

ED is the situation when such instances of poor erection become a regular affair for weeks and months. Then it becomes a disorder that needs proper treatment.

What should you do as a wife?

What should you do as a wife?

If you have identified that your husband is an ED patient then follow the steps given below:

Communicate with him

Communicate with him

Many times, it has been observed that due to awkwardness, societal pressure or upbringing men do not tell their family and friends about intimate disorders like Erectile Dysfunction.

Hence, they are unable to share the stress and it keeps getting accumulated. This is the reason why such me become patients with psychological disorders like depression, loneliness, anxiety and some even try committing suicide.

In such a troublesome situation if he is not directly talking to you, make the first move and share his problem. Make him understand that ED is just like any other disorder and we will overcome with together.

Go to the doctor

Go to the doctor

If communication is not the problem or if the problem has been sorted and he shares his problem with you, then the next task is to find ways of overcoming Erectile Dysfunction.

Do not take any pill without consulting the doctor as it can lead to fatal side effects. Hence, go to the doctor immediately and get proper medication.

The medication must be followed strictly and do not try to change the strength and dosage without consulting the doctor.

Change his unhealthy habits

Change his unhealthy habits

Along with medications help him change his unhealthy lifestyle. The first of the changes include getting rid of any kind of addiction be it smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.

Initially, it may seem difficult but eventually, it will happen. The support of the partner will help him in giving up addictions much faster.

Besides removing addictions reduce the composition of items in his meal.

Don’t let him have cholesterol-rich and sugary items as they are not only bad for sexual life but for the overall functioning of the body.

Such food items are the cause of obesity, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, etc. Add more leafy green vegetables, seafood, nuts, cereals, fruits, whole grains, and liver oil to his plate.

Make him exercise

Make him exercise

Make sure that the calories he takes are not accumulated in the body but burned down.

No matter how much he makes excuses for a busy routine make him exercise daily.

Besides it, add 30 minutes of yoga and meditation to his daily routine. In the beginning, he may feel like a tortured but later on, he will thank you.

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