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Hotmedz guide is to help patients use the portal efficiently for performing all the basic needs. Although our portal is very friendly and easy to navigate on it might happen to you at times that you are not able to perform a task.

This is why here we provide you the site guide to our website that will surely help you to easily navigate through our portal way.

Let’s begin…

Finding a product on Hotmedz

We believe that the first thing that you will want to do when you come to Hotmedz being one of our members or visit as a guest user is to search for a product.

After all, this is the most important function of our website that anyone will want to check out some brands of medicines and find out their prices, discounts and lots more.

So we have for you an integrated search engine on our portal wherein you can type in the name of your branded medicines right away to know more about them. Doing so will take you to the product page of that particular medicine. If you want to place an order you can do so right from the product page itself.

Or else if you do not know about the exact brand of medicine then you can take help of our menu bar and check out different brands of medicines that we have on our website for a particular disorder.

Clicking on a particular disorder will take you to the product page of that disorder-curing medicines that we have on our portal.

You can from there on check out on each brad prices and discounts or even place your order directly without visiting the product page.

You may also search for the availability of any branded medicine by calling on our customer helpline number in case you don’t have internet access with you.

How to place an order on Hotmedz?

Placing an order with us is way too easier. You can just visit the product page of any branded medicine and click on the buy or place order button and place an order.

When you visit the product page you will find the buy button or the place order button just adjacent to the product name and the images. You will be also shown the existing price including ongoing offers if any on that particular brand.

Supposing that you are not on the product page but instead, you are on the home page, then the other option for you is to check out all the medicines that we have on our portal for a particular disorder. You can visit this page containing all the medicines by clicking on the exact type of disorder for which you want to check out all the available medicines.

Thereafter you will have the add to cart option below each of the brand names. You will also be shown the product prices and ongoing discounts.

Contacting with us

If you wish to contact us then one way, of course, is to dial the customer helpline number which is available round the clock. But in case you wish to contact us from an online mod then you have got several ways of doing so.

You can chat online with us using the online chat facility that you can find on the homepage itself. Or else you can just shoot in an email to us stating your query or doubts of any.

Tracking your package

For availing of this facility, you will have to log into your account. Once you log into your account you will be able to see the track my package option on the menu list.

Now once you click on this tab you will have to enter some basic authentication details along with the courier package reference number. You can then see the status of your current package in shipping progress.

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