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Privacy Policy

At Hotmedz we are always focusing on providing exclusively on soothing the experience of online shopping on our portal. We always try and bring up a hassle-free experience for shopping online for our customers but that is not at the cost of hampering their online security or anonymity.

We provide our customers with some privacy and ensure that it is in place all the time. This ensures that your information whether it is your personal information or your payment information is not coming in under any malicious third party.

Our customers enjoy some privacy policies that are given below. We always encourage you to know about some of these policies and gain at least some information on how you are safe and protected at all times on our website.

Providing online security for our customers

We always focus on advancing means for providing online security for our customers. Each of our website pages is encrypted and the URL pages encoded to prevent malicious access.

We always look to provide our customers with the highest online security at the time of making the online transaction. All transactions that the customer makes occurs over an SSL security layer that has encryption layers.

We also look to make the entire thing much more feasible for you by ensuring for you a private end-to-end established connection via which the online payment will occur.

Providing information during the time of registration on Hotmedz

We do not intend to break the privacy of our customers but at the time of registering on Hotmedz, you will have to provide some basic information to us. You see at the time you come to our portal you can sign up and create an account of your own for getting the latest discount information, product arrivals, purchases, track orders, and a lot more or continue as a guest user.

In even if you signing up one must provide some basic details such as name, contact number, email id as well as confirming our age rules and provide a correct and up-to-date shipping address.

Accepting the cookie policy

Whether to accept the cookie policy or not is entirely up to the user. You see accepting cookies can provide you with a faster and more hassle-free form of online shopping. By accepting our cookie policy you give authority to us to store your information in our data servers.

This allows us to auto-fill in the data at the time of buying any medicines from our portal and helps you save time. You can accept our cookie policy anytime on the settings section or even cancel it from there.

Providing product reviews and ratings

Although this is not a mandatory thing we do love it when our customers share their feedback and gives a review online about our services. At the end of the day, this is the best thing that we like for our all-around hard work and letting up all that we can to deliver you a timely service.

You don’t have to provide reviews or rate us mandatorily but we will surely love to get more credibility and that only happens when you write something about us in the form of a comment or a review.

This will also help customers like you to gain some idea on which medicines to use and which brands or doses are hot sellers. We will also love it when you rate our products and services.

Confirming to age

All customers as soon as they enter our website will find a popup box that confirms the age guidelines as specified on our website.  We strictly do not allow persons less than 18 years to come to our portal and shop for medicines. Confirming and going ahead if you are less than 18 years is at your own risk.