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Check out some of the frequently asked questions from our customers and try and find the answers to clear your doubts and questions. If you still have any doubts then you can shoot an email to us or contact on our customer helpline number.

How long does it take for medicines to Arrive at my address?

We are known around the world for our fast delivery of medicines. we try and complete your medicine delivery as fast as possible. Our objective is to try and provide you a faster delivery right at your doorstep.

We cater to customers who are situated in domestic regions or international regions. Generally for domestic orders, you do not have to wait for more than 3-4 days for getting the delivery right at your home or office.

And for international orders generally, order completion will need no more than 10 working days.

But all these times are ETA and we do not provide you an assurance that the delivery will be done each time within such delivery times. It may increase during times of exigency situations or at the time of any natural disaster.

Why is my package delivery delayed?

Your package delivery may delay down due to certain reasons. Sometimes there are exigency situations such as forceful lockdowns, political instability, raging war, or even a natural calamity that may force us to wait longer.

We ask you to cooperate with us during such difficult times. But if you don’t wish to do so then you can always cancel your order and ask us for a return and refund.

How to refund and cancel my order?

To cancel your order you can again log into your account and click on cancel my order and ask for a return and refund. Or else if you do not have internet accessibility as of now then you can even place a cancelation or return and refund the order to us via our customer helpline number.

From where can I track my package?

You can check out your medicine package progress during shipping in your account. When you log into your account you will find the track package option in the menu.

Just put in a few details including the order reference number which you received from us via an email on order confirmation and check out the exact positioning of your package.

Can I get a discount on buying medicine?

Of course, you can depend on what are the existing offers and discounts on the medicine brand you are buying. You see the discounts and offers you see on our portal are subject to change.

All offers and discounts and only a limited time offer and you got to buy or complete the online transaction to avail the offer you see right now.

In case you just add it to your wishlist and buy it later you might not get the offer as the discount or offer may end or change.

Also, sometimes on a few brands or even doses within a particular brand, you might not find any offer. Our management team including the board of directors holds exclusive rights to change the discount as they find fit in the interests of the company.

 Which medicines do you sell on Hotmedz?

We sell all types of medicines on Hotmedz. You can buy all sub-divisions of medicines on Hotmedz like buying prescription pills, OTC pills, and generic drugs.

We cover varieties of disorders for our patients on which you can buy medicines on our portal such as ED, premature ejaculation, Fildena, Cenforce, Vidalista 20, depression, eye care such as Bimatoprost, general pain, antiepileptic and convulsion pills, etc.