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Drug Policy

We have a drug policy for your reference and you can find it in the drug policy given here and clear up all your doubts and queries that are residing in your mind as of now.

Finding the drug policy is as per the confirmation of a doctor. you can check out how we provide you safety in terms of buying and using medicines and also do not give discounts in certain aspects.

Drug side effects

We do not guarantee on our customers not suffering from any side effects upon buying medicine from Hotmedz and using them. We always ask you to confirm with the doctor and check out the dose and the brand name of a medicine.

Any side effects that you may suffer from, you cannot blame us for the same. We also ask you to bear extreme caution and vigilance while adding medicines to your cart or proceeding to buy right away.

Remember that sometimes patients are brand specific when it comes to buying a certain drug like these for ED.

Drug effectiveness

We do not guarantee the customers of having a positive effect for sure after buying medicines from Hotmedz and using them. We do not guarantee on such matters and before buying medicine of a particular brand it is the prime duty of a customer to exactly know which medicine to buy.

If you do not get the same type of effect as the doctor told you then there is no point blaming us as we cannot do anything for you. We are just an online portal providing you with medicines only once you place an order. We do not give any online consultation as to which medicine is ideal for you.

All brands are FDA approved

Come to Hotmedz if you want to avail medicines at the best prices. Check out the offers and discounts on our portal before buying any medicine randomly as this will help you to avail the maximum discounts and offers for each portal.

On Hotmedz, you can find all FDA-approved medicines only. We are a registered online seller and work as a contractual medicine seller on behalf of various pharmaceutical companies. We Sell Generic Medicine like Fildena, Cenforce, Kamagra 100, Vidalsita. We provide medicine delivery both to the domestic and international regions.

Pricing policy

Al[l the prices of the medicines that you find are subject to change any time. We may increase or decrease the medicine cost without notifying you as this is not our duty.

The prices of the medicines subject to a maximum price as regulated by the authorities will be under the control of our management employees and board of directors.

The price of medicine will depend on a lot of intricate factors such as the current ongoing pries of a pill, the demand of the medicines, and the existing stock in our various logistical centers.

We do not guarantee you any price. If you know exactly the brand and the dose of any medicine as tomorrow you might not see the same price. It is subject to constant change.

Availing discounts and offers

To avail discounts and offers every likes especially when you are buying a crucial item such as medicines. just like the price we do not give you any guarantee on availing discounts and offers particularly.

The ongoing offers and discounts are subject to change from time to time again depending mostly on the factors given above.

Remember that each discount or offer has a particular time frame and you got to buy your medicines within this time frame only. Merely adding your product to the Wishlist may not help you to avail of the offer at the time of buying as the offer might have ended.