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Terms and Condition

We always recommend our customers check out the terms and conditions as given here before going forward with making any order.

As a general precaution for placing medicines on Hotmedz, you must make sure that you are confirming the prescription and dosage and buying exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

We are not responsible for buying any wrong brand or dose of medicine and post which on using it you suffer from side effects and contraindications.

As we are an authentic portal having all certifications from the authorities we will not let you proceed to the checkout section unless you upload a valid doctor’s prescription where the ED medicine brand name and dose is given.

Providing online security

We always ensure that our customers can enjoy maximum privacy and anonymity while sharing information and buying medicines from Hotmedz.

On our portal, we have built-in firewalls and back-end data servers where encoding and encryption technologies and techniques are highly foolproof. Hotmedz security professionals will constantly monitor and look to patch up and keep the firewalls up to date to ensure that your information is never in the hands of a malicious third party.

Providing comments and feedback by the user

We always encourage our customers to provide feedback and comments. You see doing such will help other customers like you to gain some critical information and have an idea on different views.

This will also help the customers to assess and find out which medicine is the most suitable for them or which ones are the hot sellers. You can do this as a part of giving back something to us as a return favor. Your reviews and comments give Hotmedz much credibility.

Eligibility for a customer to transact online on our website

We have some age specification rules and you must comply with them. Each time you enter our website you will see such a pop-up box asking you to comply with the age rules.

We do not allow users below 18 years of age to Hotmedz or shop online. By continuing with our age restriction rules and by clicking on the check box and by going ahead you confirm that you are above 18 years of age.

Providing the correct shipping address

All our customers must double-check the address during providing some of the details while making online orders. You see one must adhere to the basic rules for providing current shipment address as this will provide a clear path for our delivery team to reach your address sooner.

If you do not provide the shipment address correctly then you can’t hold us liable in any way as non-delivery means that your package of medicines will return at our logistical center due to the reason ‘consignee not traceable’.

Customs charges and delay

Please make sure that we do not pay off customs charges and neither can we be held responsible for delay in your package delivery due to delay at the customs department. The end of the customer only must pay off customs charges and adjust with the time delay.

In a case where your medicine package is on hold at the customs department, you are to comply with the rules and regulations of the customs officials and coordinate directly with them.

Sharing online information at the time of ordering

The customer has to mandatorily provide some basic information such that we can store it in our book of records for future reference purposes.

We do not intend to harm your privacy but just want to collect only the information that is pivotal for making an online transaction.