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We have a clear definition of each aspect of providing various services. If you are willing to buy medicines on Hotmedz then you can check out disclaimer policies on Hotmedz to make sure that you are clear of all your doubts and queries.

For availing further information or if you still have any queries left after reading the disclaimer policy then you can speak with our representatives over the phone.

Product information

We provide you detailed product information on the products page. You may take references from there but this is you should not take it as judgmental information. We always encourage our customers to take a final confirmation from the doctor and work according to their suggestions.

We also ask customers to bear high alertness and caution during purchasing the medicines. We are not liable for ordering any other brand or dose than those mentioned in your prescription.

Product availability

It may so happen at times that the customer may see one brand of medicine or a specific brand does currently out of stock. Such situations may arise when we don’t have any existing stock of current medicines for that brand.

We ask you to order your medicines when you are confirmed of the brand and dose and not to wait further. We will not intimate the customer as to when the stocks are getting depleted. Make sure that you order medicines before they end up.

Regarding payment

Upon the non-receipt of payment, your orders can likely auto-cancel after a specific time. It may so happen that you have made an order and also done the payment but the same does not credit at our end. In such cases too we will consider this scenario as a non-payment of order and your order will auto-cancel. On receipt of your payment, we will send you a confirmation mail and proceed with the shipping process.

Complying with the age rules

All our customers have to mandatorily accept our age compliance rules. You will find a checkbox appearing on Hotmedz as soon as you visit our website. We only ask those customers who are above 18 years to continue visiting our website by checking the age confirmation box.

But in case if you are not then still proceed by confirming the age guidelines then you are simply at your own risk and we are not liable for any wrong orders or financial loss.

Availing discount and offers

We provide offers and discounts to our customers and make their shopping experience all the more enjoyable. But please understand that such offers and discounts can change from time to time as our management and board of directors decide.

If you see a discount then to grab it you must complete the online transaction. Saving it on the wishlist and paying later you might not avail of the discounts. See, all the discounts on our websites have a time frame.

Customs delay and charges

We are not responsible for any customs delay. The only thing we do in case the customs officials hold on to your package is to inform you. it is the sole duty of the customer to visit or call up the customs officials and negotiate to free up their medicine packages.

If the customs authority demands any charges then it is on part of the customer to bear them and not us. The customer has to coordinate and do all that is necessary or else the package might return to our logistical center.

Providing information during making your account or during the ordering

The customer must provide all the given information correctly and not conceal their identity in any way. If you do not wish to share your information at the time of creating an account then we have no other choice but to degrade you as a guest user.

The same goes when you are buying. There are some additional details that we lie to take from you during this part and if you don’t share such information that your orders will get auto-canceled.