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Shipping and Payment

Customers willing to buy medicines from Hotmedz must check out the shipping and payment norms. We encourage all our customers to check out the shipping and payment norms to avoid any confusion later on.

Check out the various aspects and in case if you have any doubt then you have our customer service executives online or on phone all the time to back up and clear your doubts.

How long can it take for the delivery to reach your address?

Generally, we deliver your medicine packages to any address faster. We have an efficient team of delivery experts who work hard to send the medicines to your doorstep. We know that someone on the other end is in desperate need of using the medicine so we try and deliver as fast as we can.

Generally, if you are location is within the same city or town or state or even the country you can expect us to deliver the medicine package within 2 to 3 days.

If you are located internationally in some other country then the time for delivery may take a little bit longer although we try and deliver international packages within a span of 7 t 10 days.

What happens in the case of lost packages?

If by chance we have lost your package of medicine then our team of customer service executives will duly notify you via email.

You do not have to pay any charges as we will ship your medicine package without a single penny charged as the fault is on our end. Anyways we still regret causing such an inconvenience to you.

Meanwhile, all you have to do is wait a little longer as a reshipped courier package will take more time to complete. But during this time you may even go ahead and cancel your order if you are deeply dissatisfied with our lagging customer service.

Customs delay and charges

We do not take any responsibility for freeing up the package in case it is held at the customs department for international deliveries. We will only inform you and then it is solely on the customer to visit the customs department and negotiate with customs department officials and free up your package.

Any changes will have to be paid by the customer and not us. in case you do not turn up your package may return to our logistical center and again in this case we will inform you. All coordination on meeting and consulting the customs department is with the customer and not us.

Providing the current address is important to prevent a return

One of your prime responsibilities is to ensure that you provide your address correctly. Make sure that you give an address in which you are currently residing and not one of your previous addresses. Also, we ask you to be accessible and reachable at this address until you don’t receive the package from our end.

Our delivery executive will most likely call you when the shipment is out for delivery. Make sure that anybody is there to receive the package. Our responsibility ends as soon as the executive drops in the scale right at your doorstep. From then onwards we cannot be held liable in any way if in case your package is stolen from the doorstep.

Making a payment to us- modes

For ensuring freedom and convenience to the customer we have with us multiple payment modes. You can come to our website to find out any suitable payment mode that you are comfortable with.

You can make the payment to us using a host of means such as using net banking, online transfer to our account, using wallets, or credit and debit cards. Payment using bitcoins or any other cryptos is still not accessible on Hotmedz.