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Foods that Kill Erectile Dysfunction

Foods that Kill Erectile Dysfunction

Foods that Kill Erectile Dysfunction, When someone aspires healthy sex life, he looks for the best guidance on the food he should intake to kill ED are performed well in bed. However, certain conditions like stress, depression, or other hormonal changes impact his married life. Further, taking antidepressants worsens his life ahead. However, when taking food that kills erectile dysfunction, and proper medications, he restores his sexual life.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a harsh reality for you as a man to bear, and it creates a stressful married life when you cannot meet your partner’s needs. So, what you can do concerning this issue? Well, you need to shift to a healthy lifestyle and meet a sexologist or a physician to clearly discuss your daily schedule, food habits, sleeping habits, mood swings, and so on, as all these issues impact your sexual life.

If you feel hesitant to talk face-to-face to your doctor, you can consult your doctor online. For now, if you are looking for complete guidance on your persisting ED issues, this article is specially designed to answer all your queries. Would request you to stay on this page and get all-inclusive of ED issues, symptoms, causes, effects, benefits of taking ED issues, and treatment for the same.

What Food Items Can Help you Recover from ED?

What Food Items Can Help you Recover from ED?

Erectile dysfunction happens when your blood vessels cannot pass enough blood to the penis for its erection. Social (some myths and beliefs about sex), physiological or psychological factors can create hesitation in men leading healthy sexual life.

Foods that kill erectile dysfunction are green leafy vegetables like Spinach, dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and citric fruits such as blueberries, watermelon, orange, and a Mediterranean diet can help you achieve your desiring sexual stamina.

Besides this, certain medications like Cenforce, Vidalista, and Fildena remove all the restrictions of blood flow and transmit the blood to the penis enough for erection.

You will get to know the working mechanism of these medicines further on this page.

What are the Major Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

What are the Major Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Symptoms that may advise you for ED issues are:

  • Finding it hard to maintain a persistent erection for penetration
  • Lower libido or low sexual desires
  • Less or no interest in sexual thoughts or desires
  • Stressful when meeting your partner’s needs
  • Lower self-esteem or low confidence before meeting in bed
  • Problems in your relationship

Natural Food Items that Kill Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Food Items that Kill Erectile Dysfunction

Foods that Kill Erectile Dysfunction


Red berries are vitamin-rich fruits that can help you regulate your sperm counts. Also, taking a nutrient-rich breakfast such as barries with yogurt for protein will boost your day.


Watermelon has been proven as the best antioxidant for the prostate, heart, and skin. When you are planning to have sex, and going to take either of the Viagra medication such as Cenforce, Vidalista, or Fildena, eating watermelon with this medicine will give you a lot of benefits and effective results in bed.

Meaning: Taking fruit with medication one hour before sex works well in relaxing blood vessels and maintaining blood flow to the penis for a long-term erection.

Mediterranean Diet

Cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes, and heart stroke can lead to ED issues. However, if you are taking a Mediterranean diet such as salmon fish, legumes, whole grains, or olive oil, you can definitely cure ED issues and reduce the impact of such diseases on your sex life.

Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins, which are helpful in improving your metabolism rate and relaxing your blood vessels for easy blood flow to the penis, and therefore, prolonged erection.

Diet containing L-arginine

L-arginine comprises amino acids and after consuming L-arginine, our body makes nitric oxide, which is solely responsible for widening blood vessels, and easy blood flow for prolonged erection.

Proteins comprising L-arginine are:

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Red meat
  • Dairy products
  • Nuts

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates have proven to be the best stress reliever. Taking this with viagra medication can help boost the effectiveness of the medication and give you the best results in the bedroom.

Oysters and Shellfish

Oysters and shellfish are zinc-rich salt-water bivalve mollusks, and consumption of these produces male hormones and regulates testosterone levels as well. Raw shellfish is proven to maintain sexual arousal in both men and women.

What can be the Causes of erectile Dsyfcuntion?

What can be the Causes of erectile Dsyfcuntion?

Excessive flow of Prolactin hormones

Hormonal changes can be the reason for Erectile Dysfunction, but how? Well, in our body resides a pituitary gland located just at the base of our brain, and this gland forms a part of the endocrine system. This pituitary gland secret an essential hormone Proclatin, which is responsible for producing sex hormones or testosterone in males.

The volume of testosterone in males is 40 times that in females, so this hormone plays a major role in men. However, when prolactin secretion exceeds the desired quantity, i.e.,  2 to 18 nanograms/milliliter, testosterone production reduces. When sex hormone production reduces, very less or no sperm production occurs, which causes lower libido in men, and therefore, ED issues (although there is no direct link between low testosterone and ED given, we just assume this case).

Unhealthy Lifestyle and Bad Food Habits

Unhealthy lifestyles, like improper sleeping schedules, and bad food habits have a direct impact on erection issues in men.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, we have three pillars of health, the first is diet, the second is exercise, and the third is sleeping. Shift sleep disorders can create mood swings, make you irritated the entire day, obesity, stress out the entire day because of fatigue (or desire to sleep the entire day), and lessen productivity at work. All these factors lead to Sleep Apnea, which can affect the functioning of your entire bodily system. Eating junk foods can cause obesity and lack of exercise also affects your body functions.

As an engineer of your body, you might experience difficulty in keeping hard during sexual intercourse. This happens when your circulatory system is not functioning at optimal and provides a good blood flow to the penis for erection, which causes ED issues.

Above all, if you still don’t get effective results, you can switch to medications for curing ED issues. Your doctor may advise you on any of the following dosages, which you can buy from our website, at a discounted price:

All these medicines have an active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate that helps release your blood vessels, and allow proper blood flow to the penis for an erection. Taking these medicines one hour before sex only when you are sexually aroused along with the foods that kill erectile dysfunction can give you beneficial results.