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ED After Divorce

ED After Divorce

Dealing with ED can be one of the most severe problems. You have to deal with being unable to quite enjoy the sexual bliss with your partner.

And while having problems in your marriage life it can spiral up to a divorce. This can be one of the most fateful consequences of ED.

Have you had to deal with the same in your life? Did you have to undergo an ED after divorce or was your divorce due to your Erectile Dysfunction problem?

It might happen that your partner is not just the type of sharing kind of person you thought and would not want to stay with you anymore.

So here you are now in life all divorced and all by yourself once again having faced one of the most brutal outcomes in life for having to deal with Erectile Dysfunction.

Now, at times you may feel like being on the extreme verge of the lowest point in your life having to deal with a divorce.

Just like others, you want to have a sexually satisfying overall happy life but that was not to be.

So how do get back from here?

How do you end up curing this disorder after undergoing all the mental stress and tension of dealing with a divorce?

What is the Biggest Problem after Dealing with a Divorce While having ED?

What is the Biggest Problem after dealing with a divorce while having ED?

You see, now that you have had your divorce from your former partner there is no point in going back and remembering the stressful days in your past.

This is your current situation where you are all alone by yourself having just you as your companion.

You see, remembering past moments in life about all the chaos and quarrel that you had in your earlier life with your former partner about your dismal sexual life is not a way to lead your present days.

What was meant to be has happened. Now you have to live on and find a cure for this disorder.

But is even a cure to ED possible?

We will find that out in the next section.

Why is there a Possibility of ED cropping up after divorce?

Why is there a possibility of ED cropping up after divorce?

ED after divorce might be one of the disasters that some of you might have gone through or undergoing right now.

What is triggers ED after divorce?

So there are can many explanations to this as given below-

Having to Deal with the Stress and Tension of Undergoing a Divorce

Of course, a divorce is an emotional experience.

It may happen by mutual consent but there is a lot of stress and tension. You see divorces are led by differences between the two partners and this generally happens due to frequent quarrels, disputes, harassment, torture both mentally and physically, and abuse. All of this might have taken a mental toll on you.

You might be unknown to the fact that psychological reasons such as extreme depression, stress, anxiety, and fear can lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

And this is what exactly happened in your case.

Leading a Secluded and Ascetic life Devoid of any Sexual Bliss

Erectile Dysfunction can also sometimes happen especially after a divorce in those men who choose to condemn themselves and lead a regretful life.

Most of the time it is the mental suffering and agony that men undergo several behavioral changes that make them all the shier, quieter, and secluded away from leading a normal life.

You do not have any sex, nor do you masturbate as it makes you think of your earlier days spent with your former partner.

Leading such a life over time gradually may as well make permanent problems with erections of your penis.

Is ED After Divorce Even Curable?

Is ED after divorce even curable?

Especially for those who have undergone ED after divorce, it might seem to have no meaningful impact on knowing whether Erectile Dysfunction has a cure to it or not.

After all, there is no one that you can hang out with on the bed now that your partner has officially left you.

So why would you be rather interested at all to go for an ED cure?

Well, some of you guys can of course consider having a remarriage option after getting cured of ED. After all, things may take a turn southwards in life as right now it is for you but you cannot live with that regret for the rest of your life.

It is always better to look for a new partner in life someone of a better choice this time.

But you can only do so once you have found a proper way of cure ED after divorce.

Now coming back to our original question is ED after divorce even curable? What is that needs to be done?

What is the First thing to Do for Curing ED having Undergone a Divorce Already?

What is the First thing to do for Curing ED having Undergone a Divorce Already?

Well, the first stage to curing any disorder is to consult the doctors.

And with Erectile Dysfunction there is no exception to this.

So find out an experienced doctor or preferably a sexologist and consult what can be done with your ED cure.

What are the Ways of Avoiding a Divorce even While Suffering from ED?

What are the ways of avoiding a divorce even while suffering from ED?

Well, the first thing that we will recommend you do is to undertake actions quickly.

Sometimes we just procrastinate on vague things a lot and fail to take actions at the right time that leads to worsening or severing of disorders.

You need to be proactive. It is not that ED is not curable and that if you have ED you are bound to undergo divorce due to a dismal sexual life.

Even couples where the male partner is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED after divorce) will enjoy and lead a satisfying sexual life only if they take the right actions on the correct junctures.

So act fast as we told you above…

visit a doctor as early as you can.

There are varieties of ED treatments that are available these days. You can choose to go with :

Medicines (ED after divorce)

There are varieties of medicines available for curing ED these days.

If you are having ED after divorce you can search for the most popular brands of ED curable drugs like Viagra or Cialis to cure ED.

You can take medicines to allow harder erections till the effective time of the pill.

And thus needless to say it is a temporary cure to Erectile Dysfunction.


If you are looking for a permanent cure you can go for surgeries. Now at a basic level, all of these surgeries will insert an inflatable tube or penis pump to help you get hard whenever you want. But remember that the cost of surgeries is not something every Erectile Dysfunction patient might afford.


At the end of the day, dealing with ED after divorce is important. You need to make changes and speak up with doctors to resort to treatment to get to your normal ways of leading your life.

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