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Can smoking weed every day cause erectile dysfunction?

Can smoking weed every day cause erectile dysfunction?

In this article, we are going to understand the relationship between weed and erectile dysfunction in complete detail. We will see if smoking weed puts you at risk of suffering from ED.

Can smoking weed every day cause erectile dysfunction?

In this article, we are going to find out about some of the other interesting things as well. For example, for those of you who are suffering from ED already or maybe experiencing its symptoms, we will check out some of the possible treatments that there are for Erectile Dysfunction.

Of course smoking, excessive weed is one of the concerns of young men these days. Many young men and even the old take up such addictive measures in life. Smoking weed is a sort of addiction just similar to cigarette smoking.

Understanding What ED is First of all

Understanding What ED is First of all

First, we will begin with understanding what Erectile Dysfunction is. To some of you who do not have any idea about the term ED, it can be useful to get an idea before proceeding to look into the details.

ED is a sexual disorder occurring in males at age. It could be a natural disorder occurring due to an injury or an accident to the penis where the penis will lose its capabilities to provide you with a hard erection.

On other occasions, it could even be your existing physical and psychological disorder that may be the cause of ED.

Some of the physical disorders that are held responsible for causing ED includes coronary disorders, damaged blood vessels, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity.

It seems as though getting an erection is also linked to the brain. And some brain or psychological disorders may as well cause ED and this will include diseases such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

To quantify the symptoms of ED will include:

  • Being in low desire to have sex
  • Not being able to have an erection
  • Not being able to maintain an erection

The Relationship between Cannabis and ED

The Relationship Between Cannabis and ED

Can smoking weed every day cause erectile dysfunction?

Cannabis and ED do have a relationship. it seems as though doctors have found that indeed taking in a good amount of cannabis for an extensively long period of time does not only make you prone to and addicted to the substance but it may also bring in chances of ED disorder.

You see cannabis is a hallucinating agent and one that can get you to a high doctor that it has effects on ED just like cigarettes and alcohol will do. Alcohol is also something that can bring in ED and just like cannabis it can get you to a high.

Doctors think that the reasons for this may include cannabis working as a substance to bring in depression and increase stress levels in the Erectile Dysfunction sufferer.

Doctors say that using cannabis can work to depress your brain and increase stress levels. Some researchers have got positive clues on excessive intake of cannabis increasing the levels of serotonin hormone in your blood that will naturally increase stress.

Can Smoking Cigarettes cause ED?

Can Smoking Cigarettes Cause ED?

Yes, just like cannabis smoking also causes Erectile Dysfunction. the reason for this is that taking in excessive cigarette smoke also means that you are taking in more amounts of nicotine substance.

And this nicotine substance begins gradually depositing in the internal walls of the blood vessels and arteries, what this does to the blood vessel is that it will effectively reduce the blood flow area. And this means that your penis region will be hampered with less blood flow than usual.

This does not bring in much sensitivity to the penis due to less blood flow and thus the patient will not be able to have a hard erection despite all sports stimulation.

Does smoking weed puts you at risk of ED?

Does smoking weed puts you at risk of ED

Can smoking weed every day cause erectile dysfunction?

Doctors are undertaking several research on this currently. to the doctors, it is not exactly clear how they can establish a relationship between smoking weed and suffer from ED.

Indeed some scientists based on their research says that it will work exactly like narcotic drugs and alcohol to cause ED. there have been instances where doctors have even found out that patients have low interest in having sex, especially those persons who have long-term bad habits of smoking weed.,

But indeed doctors are mostly of the same view that taking in too much weed through smoking is something that puts you at a high risk of suffering from ED. some say that it will work similarly to what cigarettes do to cause ED. that too much weed will cause it to deposit into the internal walls of the minute arteries clogging them and reducing the flow of blood. Scientists have though not been able to quantify the results up till now.

Can Weed Cause infertility in males?

Can weed cause Infertility in males?

We think that you might just have got your answer on can smoking weed every day cause erectile dysfunction?

Now it is time for us to check out another important thing and that is whether the use of such substances can make males infertile or not. As per some research, it has been found that indeed this is true. Indeed the excessive smoking of weed can bring excessive damage to the male sperm cells where they will lose their prime health causing immature death or even less motility or agility in rapid movement.

Doctors say that long-term weed smokers need to be cautioned in this case as excessive smoking of weed may cause a chance of making men infertile.

Can the Use of Cannabis make sex better?

Can the Use of Cannabis make sex better?

While the use of cannabis or weed may bring in chances of ED some doctors have a slightly differentiating theory. Some doctors say that the use of cannabis and weed and taking their small amounts on daily basis can indeed increase sexual function and desire to have sex. doctors believe that due to small amount of use can enable men to remain active for a much prolonged time.

General conclusion

Smoking excess weed does put you at moderate to mild risk of having Erectile Dysfunction. this is based on the test results that do not seem to be inconclusive but at the same time, they do not seem to help your sexual capabilities in any way.

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