Product Code: HTM9222
Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Crocus Sativus/Tribulus terrestris
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Himalaya Drug Company
Packaging: 10 capsules in Strip
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Tentex Royal is beneficial for male sexual performance as it treats erectile dysfunction conditions in men. The capsule helps in enhancing stamina and strength and boosts energy in the men’s body.

Furthermore, the medicine is available in almost all online stores, so buy them at the best possible prices today.

What is Tentex Royal?

Tentex Royal improves sexual function in men, although it is the top remedial option for erectile dysfunction or impotence disorder.

It is an Ayurvedic medicine with amalgamations of all types of natural ingredients, such as Gokshura, Kokilaksha, and Vatada, which increase the testosterone levels in the men’s organs.

However, Tentex Royal USA capsules are an amazing oral solution that aids in curing men’s sexual dysfunction and improves the release of hormones.

The medication benefits men by strengthening penile erections, although it fortifies their sexual desires.

Also, it helps strengthen the immune health of males. However, it boosts men’s sexual power, so they get the ability to perform sex efficiently without any hinder.

Himalaya Drug Company is one of Tentex Royal’s manufacturers that has crafted and produced this medicine for male enhancement power, ensuring the drug will boost and stimulate the sensual nerves in men.

The medication delivers proper stamina and endurance power to males so they can easily get over such particular sexual problems immediately.

Buy Tentex Royal Online

How does Tentex Royal Works?

Tentex Royal Online capsule is considered a well-known sexual wellness drug that will help improve men’s sexual utility. However, it consists of all-inclusive herbal extracts that work like usual aphrodisiacs and function as a restorative health tonic to increase men’s sexual cravings.

The medicine is superbly known to improve your overall sex life.

On the other hand, Tentex Royal incorporates the ingredient kokilaksha. It helps promote blood flow into the penis and soothes the cavernosal muscles. This way, it supports men to sustain and keep harder and firmer erections and helps in curing erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, the medicine comprises an active element called Gokshura. Protodioscin acts as an originator of the testosterone level present in Gokshura, and it is transformed to dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in the body, which cures the problems of erectile dysfunction by just calming down the muscle around the penile area region thus it enhances highest levels of erection.

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The dosage information of Tentex tablets must be taken properly.

Tentex Royal capsule consumption is only recommended with a glass of milk.

Taking it two times in 24 hours means two tablets a day. One is art morning and the next during the night on the same day.

It is essential to take Tentex regularly for effective results.

What to do if you Overdose or Miss the Dose?

Overdose is strictly prohibited for patients due to its ineffective powers, so always take it as much as is mentioned on the prescription.

Don’t try to miss a dose of Tentex Royal because it will not give you the best results as expected.

Why Choose Tentex Royal?

When you choose Tentex Royal tablets, it has many reasons to take this medicine in your daily schedule.

The first and most important reason to choose Tentex is that it increases your sex drive and improves the sex’s performance.

The next vital reason to take the capsule is that it provides the highest potential in people. However, it is responsible for increasing endurance, strength, stamina, and vigour in the health systems.

The medication is more advantageous for improving your health functions appropriately.

One of the main reasons to choose this medicine is that it also assists you achieves and keeping harder and more potent erections.

Moreover, it is also helpful in exaggerating your performance and promoting sexual pleasure.

What Precautions should you take?

  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Don’t work on heavy machines.
  • Don’t drive after taking medicine.
  • Don’t eat any junk food.
  • Must discuss with a doctor if you are suffering from any side effects or allergic reactions from the medication.
  • Consume the medicine at the same time daily.
  • With the medication intake every day, you should also add a healthy diet with essential vitamins and minerals to improve your overall sexual performance.

How to Take Tentex Royal for Fastest Result?

To achieve the best and most visible results from Tentex Royal tablets, you need to take this medicine daily by following the prescriptions’ instructions.


With Tentex Royal Review, get all information about the medicines which are beneficial for your overall sexual functions and other health systems. Also, comment below the box of our product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Tentex Royal Tablets should I take in a day?

Generally, Tentex Royal Tablets are recommended for taking two capsules per day.

Is Tentex Royal Capsule safe?

Yes, taking Tentex Royal Capsule is 100% safe if it is taken under the supervision of doctors.

Is Tentex Royal Capsule good for erectile dysfunction?

The Tentex Royal Capsule incorporates an ingredient called gokshura, an Ayurvedic medication that works as a potent aphrodisiac formula.

However, this natural herb extract increases your semen count, boosts libido, and fortifies your penile tissue. In addition, it is responsible for increasing proper blood flow by treating erectile dysfunction conditions.


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