Tadarise 2.5 mg

Tadarise 2.5 mg (Tadalafil)

Product Code: HTM7323
Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Tadalafil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 2.5mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Tadarise 2.5 mg (Tadalafil) - 2.5mg

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Tadarise 2.5 mg is an Erectile Dysfunction medicine Tadarise oral pills are taken an hour before sexual activity it has an active ingredient known as Tadalafil that stimulates the blood circulation in the penis which leads to an erection during sexual intercourse.

Tadarise 2.5 mg is the brand name with its active ingredient Tadalafil present in it. Tadarise 2.5 mg is manufactured by Sunrise Remedies.

What is Tadarise 2.5 mg?

Tadarise 2.5mg helps men in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate BPH  in men. Tadalafil helps to relax muscles in the bladder and prostate.  This tablet contains the Tadalafil ingredient Tadalafil is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor this inhibiting action releases cGMP an increased cGMP level relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow in the penis leading to an erection during sexual intercourse.

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How Does Tadarise 2.5 mg treats erectile dysfunction in men?

Tadarise 2.5 mg active ingredient tadalafil increases blood flow leading to erection  It also releases nitric oxide in the erectile tissue penis during sexual stimulation which activates enzyme guanylate cyclase this enzyme increases the level of chemical (cGMP)which relaxes blood vessels and fills blood in the penis leading and erection.

It resolves the erectile dysfunction problem by activating the cGMP enzyme leading erection needed for sexual activity.

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Tadarise 2.5 mg should be taken as directed by your doctor taken 1 hour before sexual activity with an empty stomach it is advisable to take only one pill in 36 hours.

Taking more than one tablet can cause serious side effects.

What to Do if you Overdose or Missed dose of Tadarise 2.5 mg?

If you overdose, seek emergency help contact your medical help right away and if you miss your dose take it as soon as you remember it but if it’s the time for your next dose skip the missed dose.

What is the Most Prescribed Strength Of Tadarise tablets?

The initial dose of Tadarise tablet should be given to one should be 2.5 mg orally with an empty stomach an hour before sexual intercourse later the strength of the dose can be increased depending upon their condition consult your doctor for dosages.

Why Choose Tadarise 2.5 mg tablets  for Treating ED?

Tadarise 2.5 mg is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men Tadalafil releases Nitric Oxide which helps in gaining an erection and it is also used to treat enlarged prostate in which one urinates frequently, weak stream, etc helps to relax muscles This medicine helps men to boost their confidence which they were not getting due to their erectile dysfunction and Tadarise 2.5mg gives a satisfying performance.

What Precautions  you should take While taking Tadarise 2.5 mg?

There are certain precautions you should follow while taking Tadarise 2.5 mg tablets:

  • Tadarise 2.5 mg is not advisable to take for pregnant women or breastfeeding women
  • You should give your medical history to your doctor
  • Inform your doctor if you are taking non-prescribed medicine like calcium and vitamins supplements
  • It should be strictly used by men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and this medicine Tadarise 2.5 mg tablet is prescribed by a physician.
  • Avoid taking this medicine if you have an allergic reaction.
  • Do not consume alcohol while taking this drug.
  • Do not consume grapefruit juice. It can increase the level of tadalafil in the blood and can raise the risk of side effects.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to moisture and sunlight keep it away from children’s reach.
  • Stop taking this medication if you feel a sudden decrease or loss of hearing seek medical help.

How to Take Tadarise Tablets for the Fastest Result?

Take Tadarise 2.5 mg 1 hour before engaging yourself in sexual intercourse with an empty stomach it starts to show its effect in a minimum time of 30 min to a maximum time of 50 min.

Review  of Tadarise 2.5 mg Tablets:

I am 23 old and I was having early symptoms of erectile dysfunction I was very worried about my sexual health but my doctor recommended Tadarise 2.5 mg and told me to take an empty stomach an hour before sexual intercourse as said by the doctor I took this medicine I got benefited by this Tadarise 2.5 mg tablets. For me, it was really helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Tadarise 2.5 mg safe to use?

Yes, Tadarise 2.5 mg tablets are used for the treatment of EDIt is an FDA Approved oral pill which means it is the safest drug to use.

What are the Side Effects of Tadarise 2.5 mg?

One can have serious side effects from Tadarise 2.5 mg like

  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea

consult your doctor if these symptoms last longer.

Can a 30 year old person take Tadarise 2.5 mg?

Yes, you can take Tadarise 2.5 mg. It is FDA approved medicine safe to use but before using consult your doctor.

Do I need to avoid alcohol while taking this medicine?

Avoid alcohol while taking this tablets as it increases heart rate and low blood pressure.

Can the use of Tadarise tablets affect fertility?

No, using Tadarise tablets will not affect fertility; it relaxes the muscle in the penis and increases the blood circulation in the penis leading to an erection.


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