200 mg
active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
indication Erectile Dysfunction
manufacturer Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
packaging 10 Tablets/Capsules in a Strip
delivery time 6 To 15 days
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What is Fildena 200?

Highest dose with the generic Sildenafil category within one pill the Fildena 200 is a medicine that is going to help you harden your penis. Using this oral pill is common for patients suffering from impotence and those who cannot find a hard penis erection even after stimulating the penis naturally.

But using the Fildena 200mg finds erectile hardness but this is only when you are using it as per the recommendation of a doctor and not overdosing the pills desperately.

If you are to use a dose then find what amounts of Generic Sildenafil you can suit up to and then only use the medicine with precaution.

What is the use of Fildena 200mg?

The use of Fildena 200mg is done to get rid of impotence. If you use the Fildena 200mg then you need to wait for a stipulation time of around 30 minutes which can easily extend to over 45 minutes for the actions of Fildena 200mg to take over and Sildenafil to kickstart the erection procedure.

You might not get any visual clues even after using the medicine and after the stipulation, time is over. It is not unless that you manually stimulate or tempt the penis that you will not see any effects.

To find a cure to the impotence problems one needs to keep using the drug for a definitive time and you should stay under the vigilance of a doctor going for frequent checkups and informing of any side effects.

Who is the manufacturer of Fildena 200mg?

Fortune Healthcare with its operational headquarters in Gorwa in Vadodara in Gujarat is the owner of the Fildena 200mg brand. It is not only the entity responsible for the manufacturing of the brand of pills but also provides supply and export of the pills to different countries.

The company is the manufacturer of different varieties of brands in the ED segment that includes Cenforce, Fildena, within the generic Sildenafil range, Tadalista, and Vidalista in the generic Tadalafil category. Apart from this the company also manufactures skincare capsules, anti-allergic pills, Provigil tablets, anti-hairfall tablets, pain relief medicines, and ophthalmic eye drops for curing high pressure in the eyes.

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What is the chief salt composition of Fildena 200 mg?

The chief salt that you get in the Fildena 200mg is generic Sildenafil Citrate. Now, this is a generic version of substances that belongs to the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting category of pills.

Using the Fildena 200mg will give you an active time for around 6 hours with the highest dose whereas the pills engage in showing off erections and hardness within around 20 minutes. Being from the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting category means that working of the pills begins with inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones and when it comes to upbringing hardness in the penis, this helps to increase blood flow into the penis tissues.

What are the ideal storage conditions for Fildena 200 mg?

When it comes to storing the Fildena 200mg pills the normal room temperature is just ideal for its storage.

You see the normal room temperature is around the 22 to 27 degrees Celsius range and storing the medicines at this temperature range just works fine. Ideally one should avoid having the temperature anywhere above 30 degrees as this is the maximum threshold for the safe upkeep of the medicines.

Remember that while the temperature is one thing that prefers low so is the humidity too.  yes, it’s better to choose a place that is cold but certainly dry and devoid of humidity. Although having nil humidity is desirable one should ensure that the humidity is as low as possible.

What are the benefits of using Fildena 200mg?

The benefit of using the Buy Fildena 200mg pills is that this is going to give you a maximum actionable time of around 6 hours and this will help you to last better. With the lower doses, you can sustain for around 4 to 5 hours at max.

The other benefit of using this drug is that this can help you save a lot of money when it comes to the pricing of the Fildena 200mg Tablets. Another generic Sildenafil variant is Viagra that is FDA approved will have a much higher average cost of one pill.

How to use your Fildena 200 mg medicine while on a course?

Ideally one should use Fildena 200 only in the dosage amounts as given by the doctor. Remember that an undue over dosage will lead to side effects. If you are to use it find out the dose and the frequency in which you need to keep taking the pills.

Remember that in general and on most occasions the doctor is going to suggest you an intake method of the pills daily. And when it comes to the dose the FIldena 200mg brand does have lots of variations in its dose with 200 mg being the highest dose. The doses start at a small dose of 25 mg and then go all the way high as up to 200 mg.

How to take your Fildena 200 mg pills?

To take your Fildena 200mg pills all you got to do is simply gulp down a pill whether you have meals before or whether it is the morning time and you are still on an empty stomach.

Water is the only right agent that you can use for taking in the pills as alcohol has a slightly contraindicating nature. On top of this, having alcohol might slow down the working progress of the medicines as well.

How do the Fildena 200 mg pills work?

The Fildena 200mg Online Pills have a substance within that will naturally inhibit and target one specific hormone and that is the PDE-5 hormones.

As its levels start to dwindle the amounts of another hormone that is the cGMP hormone begins to rise to allow the vasodilation action to soon begin.

When the vasodilation action begins the blood vessels dilate to increase the blood flow along the blood capillaries of the penis allowing the penis tissue to fill up with blood.

This completes the process although for getting erectile hardness you will need to manually tempt the penis to make it hard.

What are the side effects of using Fildena 200 mg?

The side effects of the Fildena 200mg Online can crop up at any stage and is a probable indication that you have taken an overdose or you are possibly forming contraindication tendencies.

Some concerning and common side effects are-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Palpitations
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Heart attack
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism

Precautions and safety advice for using Fildena 200mg

Adhering to the basic precautions is a vital keyset for each patient and includes avoiding a few things such as overdosing, contraindicating substances, missing out on doses, etc. there can also be some patient-specific instructions considering the overall health of the patient.

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