Product Code: HTM7808
Strength: 30mg, 60mg
Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Dapoxetine
Indication: Premature Ejaculation
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Generic Priligy 30 MG (Dapoxetine) - 30MG

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Generic Priligy 60 Mg (Dapoxetine) - 60MG

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Priligy is a prescribed medicine for premature ejaculation treatment in men. The main objective of this drug is to prolong your ejaculation time in bed.

However, whenever you feel you cannot control ejaculation, Priligy tablets are always recommended to get rid of such situations immediately.

What is Priligy?

For faster and speedy control over premature ejaculation, take Priligy USA tablets which are effective and best for men.

It is the best way to provide greater control of the early ejaculation process as it contains the potent ingredient called Dapoxetine, which will lead to a better power to boost your ejaculation activity with partners.

This medicine is suitable for men from 18 years to 65 years old ages. However, its active element in the medication increases the serotonin level, indicating enough time to ejaculate.

The Priligy drugs for PE cure are manufactured by one of the most reputed and well-established firms in the pharmaceutical industry named Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

Furthermore, this PE medication is a booster for men, giving every man enough or longer duration to ejaculate so that they can continue their sex with partners for around 5 hours.

Taking this tablet regularly gives you the fastest and most effective results of getting control of early ejaculation.

The medicine supports speeding up ejaculation plus, reducing anxiety, and improving men’s self-esteem.

Also, taking this PE tablet can assist people in getting their sexual relationship back with improving their sexual life.

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Uses of the Priligy

Priligy tablets are unique, providing better options to get ejaculated for enough time.

Choosing this medication is ideal for giving the right solution for a prolonged ejaculation process with partners every day.

It is the best time for every man to get rid of premature ejaculation and renders men with a lengthy-time period of performing intercourse.

With this effective medicine, people can opt for this tablet which will aid them to gain confidence and eliminate sexual problems from life.

Priligy Online tablets are available with multiple sex-boosting features; hence, buying this medicine is a lucrative option for people.


The Priligy dosage is very easy to consume, and you can start taking this medicine carefully and properly per day before planning your sexual performance.

Must be taken with water to obtain excellent results

It must be consumed on an unfilled stomach or without eating any food.

Swallow this tablet before your sexual activity 50 minutes to 1 hour ago of the sexual intimacy program.

For good results, take advantage of this medicine.

For smooth and efficient effects, don’t take an overdose of Dapoxetine tablets.

Benefits of Priligy

The Priligy is a sought-after table for men suffering from sex problems like premature ejaculation.

For men who discharge early before time during sexual activity, at that time Priligy is beneficial for them that completely controls men’s ejaculation for an extended period.

It is highly recommended to take these PE pills for achieving erections and widening time during sex.

Whenever you feel low throughout the physical relationship and uncontrolled sex, then taking Dapoxetine is highly advantageous.

It is the best option to choose Dapoxetine tablets which will provide 100% successful results.

Opting for this medicine is a highly suggested medicine for men and comes at a very affordable price in the market grab this golden opportunity now.

How Does Priligy Work?

Priligy is a PE or premature ejaculation medicine consisting of dapoxetine as an active compound, a combination of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). This classification of medications is generally recommended to cure depression.

On the other hand, medicines are also the best options for depression treatments, including Paroxetine, Sertraline, Citalopram, and Fluoxetine which are long-working effects. Dapoxetine refers to the short-term functioning of SSRI, which is responsible for curing very effective premature ejaculation.

Serotonin is one of the essential active constituents of Priligy tablet, which is helpful in the treatment of men’s ejaculation that promotes enhanced reuptake of serotonin which generally causes premature ejaculation.

Priligy connects to a vital element of your neuron which helps to decrease serotonin levels which can be recovered, and it shows ejaculation process can be belated 100%

Therefore, Dapoxetine gives you more control over your ejaculation, allowing men to have lasting effects throughout sexual intercourse.

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Our Priligy review suggests you buy drugs that have no side effects and are 200% safe to use daily.


Take medicine only recommended by doctors.

Don’t be nervous while taking medicine.

It is important to tell your physicians all about your current health problems.

Talk to your doctors about any side effects you notice after the medication consumption.

Check out the full details before taking tablets.

Side Effects:

  • Headache
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Feeling sick
  • Indigestion
  • Blurred vision

Frequently Asked Questions:

How effective is Dapoxetine?

Dapoxetine is an FDA-approved PE tablet that assists men with premature ejaculation, which continues last in your body for around 5hours throughout sex.

Can Priligy be taken more than once a day?

Priligy must be consumed once a day before sexual activity at least one hour before and taken daily.

Are there any people who shouldn’t use Priligy?

Priligy is unsuitable for people with past health disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, mania, syncope, postural hypotension, significant cardiac disease, or hysterical epilepsy. Consult a doctor before taking this medicine.


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